The Nurse Delegation Program, under Washington & Oregon State law, allows nursing assistants and/or home health aides or unlicensed caregivers working in certain settings to perform certain tasks–such as administration of prescription medications or blood glucose testing–normally performed only by licensed nurses.

Nurse delegation is required for certain tasks identified by the state which are usually provided by a licensed nurse.  Delegation is a process of teaching an unlicensed person to safely and competently perform the task. RN delegation needs are identified as part of the in-home assessment.  It is a separate service and must be renewed every 90 days.  Examples of tasks that need delegation include testing blood sugar, simple dressing changes (not sterile) and application of prescription ointments to the skin, eyes or ears, and testing blood sugar.

You can be assured that if your older adult is in need of delegation services we are able to connect you with licensed and certified nurse delegation services.

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