Aging Life Care Management Introduction

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Time has certainly flown by.  I remember taking a special family trip to gather and celebrate with each other for a momentous wedding. Then there was talk of COVID, and negotiating next steps to visit with our clients, changes in software and names, global tumult and increased gas prices.

Meet Janet

In the midst of all this, Janet Martinez was hired to work with our team.  She brought with her years of working in a different industry than ours: film and advertising.  An experienced Producer, she managed and facilitated magic and moments for individuals and companies.  Personal life experiences then took hold of Janet’s life and shaped her journey forward.  Like thousands of Americans, she changed direction, moving her family to take care of an aging parent.  She set aside some of her dreams and aspirations to give back to an elder in her life; someone who had provided guidance, direction, and support through the years.

Time and personal experience are some of the most precious ways our Care Managers learn this craft: Aging Life Care Management.  We step into individuals and families lives at a time when the family is often at the end of their rope.  By using the nationally approved and utilized assessment tool called a Caregiver Burden Index, we measure the overall stress and potential risk of burnout for family caregivers.  Many families we first meet with score moderate to high range.  They are exhausted and worn out. They are concerned that they don’t know the next best step to take, unable to discern which direction to move.

Janet has moved through that path may times. She comes to our team after working at many community organizations with a strong sense of advocacy, knowledge and expertise.  She is a delight to work with. You’ll find she asks concise, insightful questions and exhibits dedication to helping other adults care for a special family member.  We are so happy to have Janet as a member of our Aging Advisors team.

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