Professional Care Management

Care involves medical monitoring, medication oversight, transportation to medical appointments and coordinated communication with families.  Some situations require managing households, finances, and outside resources.  Each plan is individualized and personalized to ensure superior care.

Family Care

Often times family members live in different states and are juggling busy work and personal lives.  Care consultations are typically a single meeting that can include: a review of medical information, meeting the individual and their caregivers, collaborating with healthcare providers to translate complex medical situations and skillfully facilitating difficult conversations amongst family members.

In-Home Assessments

Assessments an in-depth look at an individual’s physical, social, functional, emotional, and spiritual capacities.  We request medical and medication information from healthcare providers and assess the living environment and the ability to accomplish daily living tasks.  The information is compiled into a plan of care which provides the roadmap for future visits and ongoing care. Occasionally, in-home assessments are required when family members are exploring guardianship or other legal processes.

Elder Care Services – Care at Home

Most often elders want to stay at home. You will receive the benefits from the professional skills and contacts of Aging Advisors to maintain the safest and most dignified home environment for the elder.

Use of Technology in Older Adult’s Home

The field of technology continues to expand and grow quickly. Many technologies have been developed to support and assist older adults gain the independence and health and individuality that they desire.  There are varying levels of technologies available to older adults

Care for your Older Adult

Most people prefer independence to dependence and may need assistance to stay in their home.  We pride ourselves on working with local companies that help you find the best match in a caregiver for each individual client based on their needs and personal wishes.  We work with a variety of businesses to help you find the best possible care for your loved one.

Delegation (Non-licensed Caregivers administering medication)

The time can come when individuals are unable to track and administer their own medication.  States have rules which govern how caregiver administer medications.  A registered nurse must delegate for a non-licensed caregiver to help someone take their medication. We are able to help you find a nurse delegator in either Oregon or Washington.

Life Enhancement Specialist

Our Life Enhancement Services Program is an individualized program based on an individual’s preferences, interests and activities that they enjoy. Our goals are to both enhance cognition, provide pleasure and joy in their daily life routine. A major goal of aging research is to investigate methods that help to maintain brain health, cognition, independent living and wellbeing in older adults. Recent research is showing that activities, virtual games and exercises are promoting cognitive enhancement. Our program starts with a personalized assessment focusing on individual’s past vocational and recreational hobbies, sports, interests and work-life balance.

We pride ourselves on focusing where people spend their time, how their personal values shape their life’s direction and past and how they envision their potential future. We believe these are connected and work with the client, their family, friends and community to find unique programs, services and resources. We think our personal stories, life’s experience and who they surround themselves like paint a picture that we are all able to gather around and support. We value exploring creative, playful, humorous and engaging experiences.

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    Age Friendly Certified
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