How do I know if we need help?

Families often ask, When do I know if Mom or Dad need more assistance or are no longer safe at home?  I’m seeing changes in my parents and don’t know if these are normal aspects of aging or not.  I’m concerned that an elder in my life isn’t safe driving.  Is my mother or father depressed, anxious or is this normal?

At a time when individuals are falling, forgetting aspects of their care, experiencing changes in their behavior, or have been discharged from nursing facility and still need significant care that isn’t covered under their current medical insurance, a Aging Life Care Manager can step in.

What is an assessment?

An assessment is often the first step in determining the needs of the individual and developing a plan of care that serves as an agreement of services they will provide on an ongoing basis.  Their services can include but are not limited to: ongoing assessment and care coordination, getting individuals to medical appointments and following up on the recommendations from the healthcare provider, medication monitoring, finding and supervising caregivers, locating financial, legal and other household resources, and collaborating with others.

  • NAPGCM certified
    Age Friendly Certified
    NACCM certified