Care for your Older Adult

Questions about Caregivers

You have identified that you are unable to provide the necessary care for your older adult.  You have made the decision to bring caregivers into help to care for your older adult.  Now you have many questions that we can help you answer:

  • How do we find expert caregivers in our older adult’s community?
  • How do I know which caregiver’s are experienced in caring for dementia, heart disease, MS, etc.?
  • Which registries and/or agencies do we work with?
  • How do caregiver’s skills and talents compare?
  • What is the community standard for paying caregiver’s?
  • Is a caregiver a household employee?

Care for your Older AdultThere are a lot of options available to you and other family members as you decide on caregiving resources for your older adult.  We are here to help you with those decisions, provide local resources and answer the many questions you have.

Our In Home Assessment

Our in-home assessment includes a detailed report that provides you with the community contacts that you need and answers to your most perplexing questions.

You can trust that we have worked with caregivers for over 30 years and are experienced and knowledgeable in working with caregivers.  You can be assured that we know and understand the local and state rules and regulations that face caregivers and approach each situation with that information.

We work with local registries and agencies who train and provide on-going education on the needs of older adults and the families that support them, ensuring that the caregivers that work with your older adults are experienced, knowledgeable and aware of the latest tools, techniques and interventions.

  • NAPGCM certified
    Age Friendly Certified
    NACCM certified