Professional Care Management

Professional Care Management involves providing oversight and coordination of care for clients in residential care setting, including but not limited to retirement communities, assisted living, and adult foster homes.  We review their existing service plans and records, monitor the quality and appropriateness of those services and communicate with families.  Some situations require managing households, finances, and outside resources.  Each plan is individualized and personalized to ensure superior care.  Geriatric Care Mangers are an invaluable resource if you are trying to decide what the best options are for an elderly relative, a person with disabilities, your parents and/or yourself. The need to talk with a GCM often arises when there is a change in circumstances, such as a new diagnosis that requires significant interventions, a change in cognitive status, and the change in a living situation or the loss of a spouse.  You will be reassured in moving through and planning for the future while working with our staff of Geriatric Care Managers.

Accompanying to health care practitioner appointments

You will be more prepared and less anxious, knowing that you have a Geriatric Care Manager who can act as your “eyes and ears” and provide professional, objective feedback regarding the elder’s needs.  After each appointment you receive an up-to-date report of all physical, emotional, and planning information from that appointment and all suggested future interventions which you are able to weigh in on and reply to.

Responding in a crisis

If your elderly relative has been hospitalized, had a dramatic change in health status, or is refusing care, the Geriatric Care Manager will act quickly to evaluate the immediate problem and come up with effective and timely solutions.  You will be relieved knowing that you have an advocate working with your older adult and keeping you informed timely.  Their relationship with community partners is invaluable in keeping you apprised of all changes.

Planning for the future

You can be assured that we advocate for appropriate and thorough medical care, educate families about older adult resources and support our clients through the transitions of aging.  We have strong community partners that we can connect your older adult and family with to ensure positive outcomes.

Coordinate Services

You can turn to us to coordinate a range of services, including medical, home care, and community supports at any point in your older adult’s live.  We will work closely with your older adult’s primary care provider in identifying other medical services that they will benefit from, ensure that those appointments are made and that those care providers are provided with timely information to help provide the best possible care.  We are all an extension of the team caring for your loved one and the Geriatric Care Manager’s role is to ensure that all members are communicating and coordinating with each other.

  • NAPGCM certified
    Age Friendly Certified
    NACCM certified