Elder Care Services Care at Home in Portland and Clark County, Washington

Most often elders want to stay at home. You will receive the benefits from the professional skills and contacts of Aging Advisors to maintain the safest and most dignified home environment for the elder.

Home Health Care

Work with someone who will provide the elder care services that are needed at the level necessary for maximum safety.  Optimum safety might be at home- live-in, shift, home health aide or with a companion.  Our team will work with you and your family together to manage the inevitable crises with a focus on maintaining the independence and dignity of your loved one through trusted local community referrals and recommendations.

Elder Care Services Referrals

You will never have to worry that your loved one will be without necessary services.  Referrals will be made as needed to trusted adult day care, in home rehabilitation services, or other complementary services.  You will receive recommendations for additional services as they become necessary over time to assure the elder’s safety at home such as:

  • Chef
  • Housekeeper
  • Groundskeeper
  • Landscaper
  • Household Manager
  • And More.

The safety of the home will be assessed with recommendations for any needed equipment, adaptation or services.

Medication Assistance

One of the biggest worries and safety issues are elders taking multiple medications and the possibility of medication errors and complications.  Take the worry out of prescription medication management and ensure home safety.

  • Creation & maintenance of a comprehensive medication list (from all your service providers)
  • Observation of compliance
  • Monitor supply on-hand and work with the older adult to ensure they understand their medications
  • Ongoing Communication and ordering with Pharmacy of choice to maintain up to date medications in the home
  • Conduct risk screening, if necessary
  • Guide Medicare Part D plan selection or refer to outside agencies who are able to provide resources

Financial & Legal

You will get a variety of services such as:

  • Advocacy with long term care insurance companies
  • Work with lenders to resolve credit problems
  • Monitor income & review spending patterns
  • Assist with other insurance claims and reimbursements
  • Gather bills & prepare checks
  • Ensure timely payments to vendors
  • Reconcile bank statements on a monthly basis
  • Review insurance coverage or help you to choose the best coverage for your elder
  • Setting up necessary legal documents and referrals to trusted legal advisors


Family members have competing commitments; work, children, and community roles.  You might find yourself torn between your older adult and other commitments.  The social activities that are the backbone to your family are still necessary but a stress to maintain on a day-to-day basis.  Be assured your loved one will not become too isolated at home. They will be encouraged to participate in community, religious and social events.  Your loved ones will be offered, with the aid of community organizations to receive “special surprise” to add their enjoyment and overall well-being. If you would like to find out more about Aging Advisors call (503) 953-5827.

  • NAPGCM certified
    Age Friendly Certified
    NACCM certified