7 common signs that show an older adult may benefit from Aging Life Care Management

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Have you ever visited your parent(s) and experienced the sense that something was slightly off?  It might be something tangible or just a feeling that something is awry.  If so, consider these issues as a way to gauge if your parent and/or older adult in your life might benefit from the services of an Aging Life Care Manager.

  • Your older adult continues to misplace commonly used items: car keys, wallet, health insurance card, etc.
  • There is a layer of dust covering every surface including the counter top where your older adult organizes important paperwork.
  • You look in the fridge and find either expired and out of date food, only a handful of favorite foods and/or no fruits, vegetables and/or dairy products.
  • You’re surprised to see your older adult wearing the same shirt in the last 3 visits and when you suggest that he/she change before you both leave for a special meal out, he/she becomes irritated with you.
  • You pull out your cell phone to share recent photos from your grandchild’s high school graduation to your older adult and they look confused and ask you “who is that?”.
  • Your older adult asks you to go pick up their mail as he/she is under the weather today. You return from the mailbox with what you think is over a month of mail; including what appears to be utility bills.
  • You and your older adult are reminiscing over a cup of morning coffee and you point to an article about the president. He/she squints to try and read the main title and when you ask, “when did you have your glasses checked last?”  he/she replies, “just a few months ago…my glasses are just fine.”.

An Aging Life Care Manager is a professional often trained with either a background in nursing, social work and/or gerontology and experienced with the challenges faced by older adults. A Care Manager can help to walk down the path of aging with you and your loved one, connecting you to valuable resources along the way.


Joyce Sjoberg

Aging Life Care Manager

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