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Aging Advisors PDX CelebrationsI suppose I was always one to celebrate parties. I can remember my 16th birthday party with friends. I had developed laryngitis, but I pleaded with my mother to continue with my party and she acquiesced, and the party occurred with a little bit of Tylenol and writing notes with my friends. My mom prepared the most amazing snacks at this party including cream and savory puffs filled with delights. I couldn’t taste any of them, but I loved that my friends had gathered and that we were able to celebrate my special day together. Birthdays, anniversaries, and special achievements always included the gathering of special friends and family members, delicious food, and music.

We approach our client’s special events in the same way with zest and anticipation. With the permission of families and appointed decision makers, we plan each detail to ensure an enjoyable event from start to finish. We have organized birthday parties, date nights between couples, special anniversaries, everyday accomplishments (such as achieving goals in physical therapy) and special days such as Valentine’s Day, Mothers and Father’s Day. We take each client’s wishes, preferences, and accommodations into consideration. One client loved animals and so our family pet of that time, our Eclectus Parrot Puck, joined in as the master of ceremonies and provided the entertainment. Not only did our client thoroughly enjoy the kisses bestowed from Puck, but her care staff each waited their turn to greet him.

We feel blessed to be able to work and celebrate with our clients. While Puck isn’t with us anymore to bestow his special talent, other artists are available to do so. With food, music, entertainment and good company we celebrate our clients and special events with gusto!


Written by Joyce Sjoberg, RN, MA, BSN, CMC, Aging Life Care Manager

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